Environment and climate change statistics for Latin America and the Caribbean

FDES - Sub-component 1.1: Physical conditions

Subcomponent 1.1: Physical Conditions, is designed to capture those physical aspects of the environment which change relatively slowly because of human influence. It contains statistics on meteorological, hydrographical, geological, geographical conditions and soil characteristics. While the other subcomponents are also part of the physical environment, their physical, biological or chemical characteristics can be influenced in the short to mid-term by human activities.

Statistics on these general physical conditions are important, as they help determine the scope of and influences on the environmental resources of a country. Without information on these baseline conditions, it is difficult for governments to judge the need for and efficacy of policies.

The topics included are:

  • Atmosphere, climate and weather
  • Hydrographical characteristics
  • Geological and geographical information
  • Soil characteristics

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