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RSS feeds

The syndication process is usually associated with weblogs, but are increasingly general news services that are offered in this format.

Selecting a Feed Reader

There are many options available when selecting an RSS reader (see this extensive directory of readers).  Here is a select sample of popular readers:

Web-Based: No downloading or installation required. You can access your feeds from different computers.

Client-Based: Downloaded and installed on the desktop. You can download your RSS feeds to read offline.

Browser-Based: Add RSS feeds right into your browser.

  • Firefox: live bookmarks are part of your regular bookmarks
  • Internet Explorer: feeds are incorporated into your favorites

This guide will help you use Feeds in Lotus Notes and Google Reader, the most popular RSS reader.

Common RSS Icons

Here are a few icons regularly used to locate RSS feeds:


Reader Buttons

If you see a button for the reader you use, simply click on it to subscribe to the feed.



Using Lotus Notes

LotusNotes icon

Lotus Notes has built in RSS support so you can use it as a feed reader.  You may want to consider doing this if you want a universal inbox for email and RSS feeds.

See:  Feeds in Lotus Notes