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RSS feeds

Journal Feeds

The home page of a journal will often have a  feed for the tables of contents, or publishers will have a single page listing all their journal and news feeds together.

Here is a small sample of journals and publishers with RSS feeds.  If you do not immediately see an RSS icon, click on the journal title to go to its home page. Is your favorite journal not listed below?  Check the home page of the journal you're interested in to see if an RSS feed is available.

Custom Searches in Databases

Many databases allow you to create an RSS feed for your searches.  After conducting a search, look for a link or button to save the search as a feed, and any new item that matches your search will appear in your reader.

Search feeds may expire or not be recognized by readers. If your search feed does not function properly, contact a librarian for help.

Social Bookmarking Feeds

Some social bookmarking sites offer RSS feeds to alert you whenever a new resource is saved and tagged with your keywords.

TicTOCS - Table of Contents Service

TicTOCS is a free online service that let's you easily search and subscribe to journal table of contents.

TicTOCS enables you to:

  • Search for journals with RSS feeds by Title, Subject or Publisher.
  • Find over 14,000 scholarly journal table of contents from more than 700 publishers.
  • View the latest table of contents for each journal.
  • Link to the full text of more than 400,000 articles (where library subscription allows).
  • Export TOC feeds to your feedreaders.